Symfony Tutorial #1 Error: When using the attribute ATTR_AUTO_ACCESSOR

Some time ago I started another project based on the Symfony framework. Until now, creating models based on the classes generated from the description in the file schema.yml it was the most enjoyable part of the job. It turned out, however, that not everything is as rosy as he may at first glance seem. The processing mechanism has a problem with certain names, a problem which manifests itself in the form of fairly uninteresting, the title of the error. Feel free to read.


 Here is the code

tableName: customModels
type: integer(4)
primary: true
notnull: true
autoincrement: true
type: string(255)
type: string(255)

If using the Console utility symfony execute the command:


./symfony doctrine:build –all-classes

then the generator when the hits on this model, quickly throws on screen message:

When using the attribute ATTR_AUTO_ACCESSOR_OVERRIDE you cannot use the field name „data”.

I was unable to determine what exactly is said attribute, but based on reading a few sites on the internet I suspect it has to do with the dynamic mapping method calls setX () / getX the relevant field model, where X is the name of a specific course field e.g. SETID () getId ().

The problem lies in the fact that some of these accessor functions interfere with the existing classes, which our freedom in the naming of the fields is not as unlimited as we want. ;]


Bit of a shame the developer to use such “hacks”, but sometimes, unfortunately, there is no other option, and the project itself will not do, also kindly ask for forgiveness. It is important that the final code, everything is done as it should be. ;]


Google warns: only 56% of emails sent to GMail users is encrypted “in transit”

Google has published interesting statistics showing that other operators of mail servers support encryption of e-mail messages “in transit”, ie encrypt the connection between the sender’s mail server and the recipient’s mail server.

What is the encryption of e-mails in transit?
When sending e-mail, our mail server connects to the recipient’s mail server messages. During a trip through the Internet to our e-mail was sent in encrypted form, both servers (and our and recipient) must support encryption. If one of the servers do not support encryption, e-mail travels over the Internet just like regular mail postcard – anyone can become familiar with its content, including very pleased the service such as the NSA.


Regardless of whether the mail servers (and our audience) support encryption “in transit”, we can ensure the confidentiality of messages sent by us by encrypting the wording of the email before sending it – best in the case of asymmetric cryptography (implemented in such tools like GPG). If the mail server (our or the recipient) does not support encryption in transit (TLS), but we encrypts the content of the e-mail using GPG, is a potential eavesdropper, and so getting familiar with our message headers, which receives metadata about who, when and to whom he wrote as large e-mails. Contrary to appearances, this information is significant.


Graphs showing the percentage of messages are being sent to GMail using encryption (inbound) and the percentage of mail servers which delivers mail GMail supports encryption (outbound)


Check your mail servers
Full details of the encryption domain and noncrypted e-mails exchanged with users of Gmail accounts were made available in the form of files CVS. Google publishing these data is hoping that some of the suppliers / customers email properly configure your mail servers and soon will support encryption. The list is missing, however, many types of popular domains / sites …



In the age of information we live, we can make money in different ways. Some people are working work on-time, others run their own businesses. There are also those who are fully depend on chaturbate token generator the so-called passive income.

To start with a brief explanation: What is passive income?

It is a kind of income in which you don’t have to work on personally. There are money that are working for you. Sounds great, but how to obtain this kind of income ? Many people think that it is imposibble to live from it. In this article I will prove them wrong by showing you several ways of passive income.


1.Rent a real estate. If you are an owner of a real estate which you don’t use anymore – rent it. What if you don’t have something like that ? Rent something you already own. For example if you have big house then you can rent a room to some student. This way you can get some additional cash every mothn without working at all.

2. Your car, estate, ground as a potential advertising space. In today’s world we are surrounded by advertisements. Many of us don’t even realise that even doors of our cars can be a place for ads. There are several websites on the internet where advertisers are looking for people that want to rent their car body. One of the requirement is to drive a lot. This deal is very simple, you paste few big stickers on your car and get paid for it monthly.

3.Affiliate programs. In the Internet age, more and more people earn on partner programs. There are people who fully with them persist. How to earn on affiliate programs? From each sold item for your means of getting the appropriate commission. The perfect solution for people who have a website as an additional opportunity to earn.

How does it work in practice?

If you have a website dedicated to a computers and technology, adding constantly interesting news. The people who visit your website are probably interested in this subjects, so by placining few ad banners with your affialte link you can earn some cash from it. Depending on your traffic you can also write for example notebooks reviews and at the end of it put an information where to get this particular products.

This is just one of many possibilities.

4.MLM, or multi-level-marketing. Call it what you want, but the idea is simple. It is a particular company that sells something – financial products, perfumes, or supplements. The company instead of investing in advertising in the media goes a little bit the other way, namely, decides to look for ambitious individuals who motivated vision lots of money looking for people who want to work “beneath them” in the sales structure. The more people you have under you, the more you get commissions from their sales. Overall, a nice way to extra income, provided that it will build a large structure.

5.Deposits / savings accounts. Never would call this a passive income? Yet. Your money lie safely in the bank, and you in return you get from the bank’s relevant interest. Probably the most popular way for passive income .. It is unfortunate that so little profitable, because the income in real terms (after inflation) is negligible. Better than nothing.


eBay hacked !

eBay has just admitted that at the end of February someone broke into it and stole a database containing users information . The company recommends changing passwords as soon as possible.


What has been stolen?
Stolen base, in addition to the “encrypted passwords” included:

  • name
  • e-mail address
  • home address
  • phone Number
  • date of birth

eBay does not indicate how they store the passwords.In this communication they world “encrypted” has been used, but hopefully this is just a simplification and password, however, were hashed. Apparently, so far there is no evidence of unauthorized changes to the eBay user account.

From the findings of the company that attack did not have access to financial data (credit card numbers and PayPal accounts) because they are stored separately.

How did they hack eBay ?
The attackers probably came into possession of “a small number” of employee logins and passwords by which they got to the company’s internal network.

I have an account on eBay, what to do now ?

It is not known whether stolen base for all eBay customers – but you should assume the worst. Iencourage you to change your password for eBay and for all services, which of you use the same password.